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2-Pack: Iceland 1 (original) and 2 (remix)

In this two-pack, the original Iceland Part 1 is followed by the remixed, distillation of the original Parts 2 and 3. Some stories are missing or trimmed, but essentially, it has the same motifs as the complete three-hour series: An account of Joe’s difficult relationship with Lila; Joe stumbles on love letters to her from […]

2-Pack: Pledge Drive – The Other Side (Aug 6, 2000 & Aug 13, 2000)

Using a variety of strategies, Joe attempts to persuade listeners to contribute to KCRW and his show. Joe was notorious for transforming a banal fundraising pitch for the radio station into an entertaining show as only he could. Often, Joe would deliver the stories live on air. These are two from the series: The Other […]

2-Pack: Joe Frank Team Favorites:: Selections Vols 1 and 2

(The shows without links below are available for Members of the Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly plans. Sign up! You can cancel immediately and still have access to over 200 shows + films, etc. — Enjoy all month for $12.99) This Item is a set of CD’s or Digital Download. Volume 1: We’ve included a few […]

2-Pack: Selections from The Other Side 1 and 2

A fantastic collection of Joe Frank Monologues from the Series ‘The Other Side’ produced from 1999 through 2001. We have identified the shows these monologues appear in – and we think a few of them may have been Joe’s personal working copies. Also, in addition to Joe Frank monologues, this collection contains memorable scenes with […]

2-Pack: Joe Frank :: Selections Vols 1 and 2

Joe personally selected some of his favorite stories with diverse styles – monologues, dialogues, highly produced dramas, reality and comedy – from his entire catalogue of programs. Volume 1 (Total Duration: 1 hr 17 min): ‘Colonial War’ – Pilot ‘The Loved One’ – Lover Man ‘Larry and Zack’ – Karma 3 ‘Arthur and Eleanor’ – […]

2-Pack: Joe Frank :: Monologues, Characters and Scenes from Work in Progress

A collection of monologues and characters and scenes from the series Work in Progress: Monologues ‘Droning Music’ ‘Respect’ ‘The Box ‘The Box Revealed’ ‘Slide Show’ ‘Communion’ ‘Ode to War’ Total Run Time: 43 min Characters and Scenes: ‘Bank Robber’ ‘Sailing’ ‘Hiking’ ‘City Riot’ ‘My Crimes’ ‘Motel in the Rain’ ‘Annalee’s Story’ ‘Arthur & Eleanor’ ‘Linchpins’ […]

2-Pack: In the Dark – Parts 1 and 2

In the Dark, Part 1: A night watchman with a blind dog finds himself lost in an office building.  He stumbles upon a pair of lovers and hides under the bed. Joe and Theo Mondell sing ‘Me and My Shadow,’ and go out for a beer.  An escalator is filled with people who turn into animals.  […]

2-Pack: The Truth About Women – Parts 1 and 2

The Truth About Women, Part 1: A woman describes three painfully humiliating love affairs with callow young men. A group of women in a park discuss their one-night stands and relationships with men. Another woman speaks directly (by recording) to the man who inexplicably broke her heart. The Truth About Women, Part 2: A woman describes her […]

Iceland Part 3 (original)

Joe berates listeners for the stories he receives from them to use in his shows Oh, Reykjavík…” Joe’s tribute to Iceland. Packing with Lila for Iceland. As usual, they will be late to the airport because of her. The ride in a gypsy cab to the airport. Joe visits Rabbi. More from the travel log: […]

Iceland Part 2 (remix)

In 1996, Joe distilled the original Iceland Part 2 and Part 3 to create this one-hour program. Joe berates listeners for the stories he receives from them to use in his shows. Joe and Lila are invited to a dinner party. Lila is taking too long to get ready. An argument ensues about her always […]