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2-Pack: Joe Frank Team Favorites:: Selections Vols 1 and 2

(The shows without links below are available for Members of the Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly plans. Sign up! You can cancel immediately and still have access to over 200 shows + films, etc. — Enjoy all month for $12.99) This Item is a set of CD’s or Digital Download. Volume 1: We’ve included a few […]

2-Pack: Selections from The Other Side 1 and 2

A fantastic collection of Joe Frank Monologues from the Series ‘The Other Side’ produced from 1999 through 2001. We have identified the shows these monologues appear in – and we think a few of them may have been Joe’s personal working copies. Also, in addition to Joe Frank monologues, this collection contains memorable scenes with […]

2-Pack: Joe Frank :: Selections Vols 1 and 2

Joe personally selected some of his favorite stories with diverse styles – monologues, dialogues, highly produced dramas, reality and comedy – from his entire catalogue of programs. Volume 1 (Total Duration: 1 hr 17 min): ‘Colonial War’ – Pilot ‘The Loved One’ – Lover Man ‘Larry and Zack’ – Karma 3 ‘Arthur and Eleanor’ – […]

2-Pack: Joe Frank :: Monologues, Characters and Scenes from Work in Progress

A collection of monologues and characters and scenes from the series Work in Progress: Monologues ‘Droning Music’ ‘Respect’ ‘The Box ‘The Box Revealed’ ‘Slide Show’ ‘Communion’ ‘Ode to War’ Total Run Time: 43 min Characters and Scenes: ‘Bank Robber’ ‘Sailing’ ‘Hiking’ ‘City Riot’ ‘My Crimes’ ‘Motel in the Rain’ ‘Annalee’s Story’ ‘Arthur & Eleanor’ ‘Linchpins’ […]

2-Pack: Iceland – Parts 1 and 2

Iceland Part 1: Joe’s annoying relationship with his unreliable and unfaithful girlfriend Lila. His adventures traveling around the world. Iceland Part 2: Joe learns of Lila’s affair with her beloved professor. Joe and Lila travel together to the professor’s funeral in Iceland. Entries from Joe’s travel journal. All Parts are 1 hour (60 min). Order as a […]

2-Pack: In the Dark – Parts 1 and 2

In the Dark, Part 1: A night watchman with a blind dog finds himself lost in an office building.  He stumbles upon a pair of lovers and hides under the bed. Joe and Theo Mondell sing ‘Me and My Shadow,’ and go out for a beer.  An escalator is filled with people who turn into animals.  […]

2-Pack: The Truth About Women – Parts 1 and 2

The Truth About Women, Part 1: A woman describes three painfully humiliating love affairs with callow young men. A group of women in a park discuss their one-night stands and relationships with men. Another woman speaks directly (by recording) to the man who inexplicably broke her heart. The Truth About Women, Part 2: A woman describes her […]

Remembering Joe

Greetings, In honor of Joe’s birthday, August 19th, for your review of any of Joe’s shows, we will give you a bumper sticker! From August 19th  through August 31st.  Be sure to e-mail us with your mailing address after you submit your review. (One per person and approved review*) PLUS: August 19th through August 25th […]

Joe Frank Newsletter – Launching the “Best of” and more

Greetings, We have an exciting new compilation of Joe Frank monologues launching the “Best of” series. The first is the “Best of Monologues – Vol 1” and you can hear one track, “Meaning” now on Joe’s SoundCloud page. This CD is a representation of diverse selections from shows produced from 1996-2012 — sure to leave […]