A Night of Remembrance in New York, and more

–Joe Frank Memorial
There will be a gathering to celebrate Joe’s life. To date, no concrete plans have been made. Stay tuned.

–Attention New York: Tomorrow evening: “Joe Frank: A Night of Remembrance” hosted by UnionDocs at 322 Union Ave, Brooklyn, 11211, Sunday March 18 at 7:30 PM – 10:30 PM More information here

–If you have not already, follow the “Remembering Joe Frank” Facebook page and the Joe Frank page. We post news, photos, newly posted audio links, and more on these pages.

–If you are a radio station program director or DJ interested in airing Joe’s shows or segments of shows, please contact us. There is no fee; however, we will continue to honor Joe’s guidelines and requirements he established for airing his content. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

Joe created over 230 hours of radio programs during his long career. It is impossible to categorize and difficult to describe his shows. To sample some of Joe’s work:

–Listen during simulcast from other radio stations.

–Listen to selections on Joe’s Soundcloud page.

–Listen to several excerpts here.

Download or stream all of programs Joe produced for KCRW’s Unfictional (free).

–Sign up for a Free Membership where there are several shows and extras.

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