A note from Joe’s wife

A note from Joe’s wife:

Thank you for your support over these difficult two-and-a-half years. Words can never express how much it meant to both Joe and me that you were there for us.
It is probably evident by now that the only people who maintain Joe’s web site and distribute his work are me and Logan. I’m grateful to Logan for his dedication and commitment. Even though he has a day job and growing family, Logan has been volunteering his time for over eight years managing the back-end of the web site while also providing excellent customer service.

Joe greenlighted several projects over the past five years. But there was little time to dedicate to making them happen. Your continued support ensures that these projects move forward. (Not to mention helping to pay medical bills.) Thank you for your patience as I make my way through this to-do list.

Despite how public Joe allowed his medical journey to be, many times over the past 14 years, he faced medical interventions and hospitalizations that no one except the two of us knew about. He was the strongest and most courageous person I’ve ever known. And I miss him more than I ever imagined possible.

Planning is currently underway for a public event in Celebration of Joe’s Life. We will let you know details as they are available.

With love,