Joe Frank Newsletter – Launching the “Best of” and more


We have an exciting new compilation of Joe Frank monologues launching the “Best of” series.

The first is the “Best of Monologues – Vol 1” and you can hear one track, “Meaning” now on Joe’s SoundCloud page.

This CD is a representation of diverse selections from shows produced from 1996-2012 — sure to leave you thinking.¬† Plus, NEW: We’ve created a downloadable PDF with descriptions and source shows for your convenience. (Also included with the compilation download).

Plus, we’ve just found the Master tape of a Pledge Drive for The Other Side. It is the First weekend of the summer of 2000. (And, we’ve added descriptions for both shows!) Check them out: Pledge Drive August 6, 2000 and Pledge Drive August 13, 2000.

Both shows are available individually and as a 2-Pack.

And finally, we’ve uploaded the never before available show:
The Rare Recording a 30-minute show from 1980 produced for NPR.

We are hard at work to bring you more!

Be well,