Joe Frank Newsletter – “The List”


Checking in to let you know how much we appreciate your support.

Joe and I had a lot on the list to accomplish in order to preserve and maintain his legacy.

I am determined to follow through with these projects – and it is with your ongoing support that they will be realized.  Thank you so much.

Here’s what we’re working on – both long- and short-term:

  • Better mobile streaming support through the use of podcasting apps.
  • Adding missing shows to the catalogue.
  • Producing more compilation and best of CD’s / Downloads.
  • Adding samples of each program to the site.
  • Adding more material on SoundCloud and YouTube.
  • Adding new products, merchandise, and video.
  • Expand the site to include more about Joe and his history with photos, interview clips, and personal audio and video clips.
  • Add press articles.
  • Complete transcripts for the shows.
  • Complete Joe’s book (which was nearly ready for publishing at the end of 2017).
  • Producing a public event celebrating Joe’s life (early next year).
  • As Joe wishes, we will be researching and establishing a place for people to come and listen to selected excerpts from his shows (possibly Hollywood Forever).
  • Writing a book called “My Joe Frank” sanctioned by Joe.
  • Ensuring that all of Joe’s shows are in the National Archives.
  • Setting up a Foundation in Joe’s name.

It is daunting but definitely doable. I’m very passionate about ensuring his work lives on. I am also humbled by the honor.

Joe would not have been able to produce as much as he did over the past 10 years without you. And I can attest that he worked every day. He fully appreciated being afforded the opportunity.

With the best wishes,