Joe Frank Recovery Update


Joe’s recovery review:
As most of you know, Joe has spent the past year in and out of the hospital. There are numerous reasons – some serious, some minor, but most occurring simultaneously.

Unexpectedly, in mid-December 2015, Joe was admitted to the hospital. He exhibited symptoms of pancreatic cancer. (Thankfully, we found out a week later, that it was a misdiagnosis.) He had a procedure which went awry and was admitted to the hospital again on New Year’s eve. Among other alarming diagnoses in the ER, cardiologists determined that he’d had a heart attack. He was admitted to the ICU. We learned two weeks later that he did not have a heart attack; however, due to infection, his heart was “working overtime.” An angiogram revealed there was little damage to the heart.

In mid-January, Joe recovered enough to be released from the hospital. He received nutrition through an IV for six more weeks and began with pureed foods in February. This was the first food he’d tasted since early December. His recovery proved to be an extended uphill climb. For the better part of 2016, Joe and his wife have been focused on his health and recovery.

Go Fund Me rewards:
We cannot thank you enough for your continued generosity. Joe would never have gotten the attention he needed without your care and support.

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The Joe Frank Team