Joe Frank Update: 8/15/2017

A lot has happened / continues to happen since the last update. At that point, we fully expected Joe to have already undergone surgery by now. After all, doctors said that it should be set as soon as possible. And, although the surgery itself would not be without risk – as all surgeries are – it would be minimally invasive with a short hospital stay. This is what we were expecting to hear when we arrived to meet the surgeon on July 31st.

In the exam room, after reviewing comprehensive blood tests, the surgeon determined that it was imperative Joe receive iron infusions since his iron count was critically low. In addition, Joe needed to increase his protein intake to 90 grams a day. We were also advised to see Joe’s heart specialist, his primary doctor, and check in with his oncologist for the infusions. Bottom line: Joe was not strong enough for surgery. No date was set.

There was a lot to take in, that day in the surgeon’s office. In addition to describing at length the procedure itself, the doctor stressed that complications leading to infection was at 6%. It was a small chance. But still a chance. Plus, the amount of colon to be removed will be determined *during* the operation. The surgeon will need to see how much blood flow is available for the remaining colon.

With love…