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Be sure to read the Membership FAQs for answers to many common questions.

Joe Frank streaming media: All streams throughout the site are compatible with the Adobe Flash Player and HTML5 Browsers and the site will do its best to detect which method is best for playback on your device. You can download here: Adobe Flash.
Below is a list of tested devices and their operating systems along with the browsers that are known to work. If you are having trouble playing the shows please make sure you are using a browser/device from the list below. Just because it is not listed doesn't mean it won't work, it just means we haven't tested it.

Windows 98 Firefox 2.x
Internet Explorer 6
Windows XP (32-bit) Firefox 21+
Chrome 27+
Opera 12.15+
Internet Explorer 8
Windows Vista (32/64-bit) FireFox 21+
Chrome 25+
Opera 12.15+
Internet Explorer 9
Safari 5.x
Windows 7 (32/64-bit) Firefox ESR 17.06+
FireFox 21+
Chrome 27+
Opera 12.15+
Internet Explorer 9
Internet Explorer 10
Internet Explorer 11
Windows 8.0 (64-bit) FireFox 21+
Chrome 27+
Opera 12.15+
Internet Explorer 10 (Desktop mode)
Internet Explorer 10 (Metro mode)
Mac OS X (Mountain Lion) Safari 6+
Chrome 27+
Opera 12.15+
Ubuntu 13.04 FireFox 21+
Chrome 26+
Opera 12.15+
IOS 6.2/7.x (iPad 4) Safari
Kindle Fire (2011 series) Stock Browser
Kindle Fire HD (2012 series) Stock Browser
Android 2.3.4 (Gingerbread) Stock Browser
Opera 12.10
Android 4.2.2 (Jellybean) Chrome
Opera 12.10

Streaming in Membership area:

After you select a show, you'll see it load in your "Play List" at the top of the page. Once loaded, click on the graphic "Click to Play," and the embedded JW Player will automatically begin playing the stream*. Note that clicking on the "play arrow" --> of the player, will stop the stream. To play the stream in a dedicated player - click on "Player" link located next to the show title in the Play List.

Select one show at a time and wait a few seconds! Clicking on several shows repeatedly and/or in succession may stop serving up the stream and nothing will play. If this happens, take a break and come back when your Play List is cleared (It takes about 2 hours after you make a selection before it will automatically drop off your Play List.)

Customer Service

We're proud of our Team's rapid response. You will never receive an autoresponder email with a generic "someone will get back to you soon." We usually respond within 24 hours - most of the time sooner - and will help you through whatever problem you may encounter with the Membership.

Please send your email to support[at]

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