Membership FAQs

Last Updated: Tuesday July 11th, 2022 @ 8:10PM (PST)


What is included in a Membership?

With a Joe Frank Membership, you can listen to Joe’s shows streaming online at your desk, or on the go with your smart device.

Note: The shows are available for download only through the Shop – the Membership is subscription-based access to online streaming content only.

With a Premium Membership (Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly), you gain access to every show, short film and miscellaneous other Joe Frank material. With a Series Membership, you will have access to the shows produced for that Series.


Can I give a Gift Membership?

YES you can!
You can purchase a Gift Membership to any of the Series Memberships or a Premium Membership (Month/Quarter/Year) from the Joe Frank – Membership Gift in the Shop. Gift Memberships will not automatically renew!

Once purchased we create a unique Coupon Code that can be used to sign-up for the purchased Membership and send this along with details in a Gift Membership E-mail; this is typically sent out within 24-48 hours after purchase. No Credit Card information will be asked for during the redeeming of this Coupon Code. If the person is already a Member (free or paid) they can ask us to apply this Coupon Code to their account for them, but by default we will never do this.

If you would like us to send the the Gift Membership E-mail to someone other than yourself, please fill that out in the Order Notes section of Checkout process. The purchaser will always get a copy of the Gift Membership E-mail for their own records.

NOTE: The person using the Gift Membership Coupon Code will have to create an account with and will be asked for Address details as seen on the Signup Form.


What is the term of a Membership?

The date you sign up is the beginning of your subscription cycle. So, for a Monthly Membership, your subscription renews exactly one month from the date you signed up. A Quarterly Membership renews three months later, the Annual Membership renews one year from sign-up.

Memberships automatically renew – To continue your Membership without interruption, your credit card will be charged on the first day of the next cycle.

However, you can cancel at any time and still have access for the rest of the cycle. Your credit card will not be charged again.

Want to listen for only one month? Sign up for a monthly membership and immediately cancel – you will have full access for that month and no longer be charged.

Remember – if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us for assistance. We provide quick and personal customer support!


How do I access the shows?

Below we will list the instructions for using both Desktop (PC, Mac, and Laptop) and Mobile (Smartphones and Tablets) devices: 

  • Desktop: In the right-hand column of any page, you will see the Login and Password fields listed under “Member & Shop Login” or at the very top of the screen you will see the menu item “Login” between News and Shop, that when clicked on will take you to the Login page (Screenshots: Desktop Login Locations, Login Page)
  • Mobile: Use the “hamburger” menu (four lines) in the upper-left corner to get to the Login link in the menu, or scroll to near the bottom of the page to get the Login and Password fields listed under “Member & Shop Login”. (Screenshots: Mobile Menu button (hamburger menu), Mobile Login Link, Mobile Login/Password Fields)

  • Enter your username/password in the Login and Password fields and then click the Login button under the right-side of the Password field.

  • Desktop: You will now see “Your Subscriptions” in the same location as where the Login fields/link was before (right side or top). (Screenshot: Desktop – Logged In)
  • Mobile: Use the “hamburger” menu (four lines) in the upper-left corner again or scroll to near the bottom of the page to see the “Your Subscriptions” area. (Screenshots: Mobile Menu after login, Mobile Subscriptions list near bottom)

  • Clicking on the Membership Subscription you want to listen to shows from (ie Premium Membership) and it will take you to the list of shows you can stream. These will be listen under the “Your Subscriptions” heading described above (Mobile or Desktop). (Screenshots: Desktop right-hand Subscription list, Desktop/Mobile Membership Information Page (from Login link), Mobile Subscriptions menu list, Mobile Subscriptions list near bottom)
  • Every show title is a link that will load the player in a popup window or new tab once clicked on (if this doesn’t happen disable your pop-up blocker for (Screenshot: Pick a show)
  • The show will automatically start playing in the new window/tab. You can use the Close button at the top or the normal browse close buttons to close this. (Note: On some browsers you may need to click the “play” arrow to start listening) (Screenshot: Player Window)

(Be sure you are using a HTML5 supporting browser or have a current version of Adobe Flash player installed. – Chrome is currently doing the best at this in regards to the streams and HTML5).


Can I cancel whenever I want?

Yes! Just follow below for how to do it and if at any time you need help cancelling your subscription, please contact us anytime at
NOTE: In early-mid 2018 PayPal will change their process and once they do we will update the directions to include Screenshots of the process.

  1. Sign into your Joe Frank Online account, and near the bottom of the “Your Subscriptions” (right-hand menu) click “Cancel subscription” (Screenshot)
  2. Or if you click Your Subscription at the top (between News and Shop) then look under Useful Links and click “Cancel subscription” there. (Screenshot)
  3. This takes you to your Payment History page. Next to the subscription you want to cancel, click “Cancel Subscription.” (Screenshot)
  4. Click on “Yes, I want to cancel subscription” when prompted again. (Screenshot)
  5. You will be taken to PayPal and you will need to login to your account with them. NOTE: Make sure to login with the account you signed up with with at PayPal, if you aren’t sure what it was you can contact us at and we can try to help you find that out. (Screenshot)
  6. Once logged into PayPal many newer accounts you will see a notice at the top of the page saying “The unsubscribe button you clicked is invalid. You can find the status of all subscriptions in ‘My preapproved payments’.
  7. Click on the “My preapproved payments” link in that notice mentioned above. If you did not see that notice described above then use the following link to go directly to the next page: (Screenshot)
  8. Make sure the “Filter status by:” is set to “View All” and click on Go; by default the page will load already set like this, so you don’t usually need to do this step.
  9. Under the Merchant heading look for “The Frank Story Corp“, then look next to it at the Description heading which will show the Series for that subscription and lastly notice the Status. If it’s Canceled it can not send money to, so you will want to find an Active one if you need to cancel.”
  10. Click on the “The Frank Story Corp” (under the Merchant heading) for the subscription you want to cancel. (Screenshot)
  11. You will now be on the “Subscription Details” page, click on the “Cancel Subscriptionbutton at the very bottom (between “Update Information” and “Return to Log”). (Screenshot)
  12. Click on “Cancel Subscription” (lower right; next to “Do Not Cancel”) again on the Cancel Subscription page. (Screenshot)
  13. You will be returned to the “Subscription Details” page and there will be a notice in yellow at the top confirming “This subscription has been cancelled.” (Screenshot)
  14. At this point you ether Logout of PayPal. Or go back to the list of subscriptions, by clicking the “Return to Log” button at the bottom.
  15. You can repeat 10-13 as many times as needed to cancel any Active “The Frank Story Corp” subscriptions.
  16. You can see on the PayPal – My Preapproved Payments page that the status will now be listed as cancelled for those that you cancelled. (Screenshot)
  • That’s it! Your recurring membership will end with the completion of the cycle, and your credit card will no longer be charged. Shortly after this is completed your account at will also reflect the cancel status in place of the Cancel link from Step 2. (Screenshot)

NOTE: If you have any trouble please contact


Where do I get technical help if I need it?

First, check the Technical Support page for known issues. If you still need assistance, send an email to and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.

Please be sure to read the Terms and Conditions of Service for using the web site and listening to streams. We reserve the right to cancel the membership of anyone who does not comply with these Terms.

Important Note: Remember this is a recurring membership – you must cancel in order to end the subscription.