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Last Updated: Tuesday, January 30th @ 9:00PM (PST)

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Tributes (written and audio):

Joe Frank

It is with the deepest sadness to let you know that Joe left us Monday
morning, January 15, 2018.
He passed peacefully in his sleep after a long struggle with setbacks
following colon cancer surgery in October.

A memorial service will be held; however, please be patient. Joe and I
discussed at length what his wishes were when this day would sadly
arrive. Though he was born Jewish, he didn’t feel confined by rules of any kind
and left it for me to manage the timing.

I have set up a Facebook page:

where you can find more information and post your tribute.

Thank you, sincerely,

Joe Frank Medical & Recovery Fund – Update 83

A roller coaster ride is just not an apt description. When I posted the last update, Joe was originally scheduled for discharge on 12/28. For some unknown reason, the night before, he was transferred to another room. Short story: Another potentially serious setback. However, shortly afterwards, the doctor who performed Joe’s original surgery came to the rescue. Within hours, Joe was alert, lucid, eating, drinking, and ready for rehab. (New Year’s Eve, I made him a dinner of liver, asparagus and baked potato. He was reading a book of Paul Bowles Short Stories and the New Yorker. He was himself again. He just needed to get his body back in shape. Though both of us knew this would be a daunting effort. We talked about this often.)

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With love…

Joe Frank Medical & Recovery Fund – Update 82

Too much continues to happen too fast. I cannot bear recalling the details of what has transpired since the last update, so I will keep this brief. Signs of infection were evident within hours of Joe’s discharge and return home. I called 911, he was admitted back to the hospital where his doctors are (not the one he was discharged from), and he was swiftly treated and looking better within hours. Now, he looks as well as I remember when he was initially discharged from here on 12/7 – although he is considerably weaker.

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With love…

Joe Frank Medical & Recovery Fund – Update 81

Joe is coming home tomorrow. The winds have shifted. And a distinct magic has been sustaining me since yesterday afternoon and smoothing the way for me to make arrangements quickly for his arrival. Forgoing details, I assure you Joe requires a lot of care at this time. I’ve taken every precaution to ensure he will get what he needs both in material and personnel resources for each day after his discharge.

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With love…

Joe Frank Medical & Recovery Fund – Update 78

I am numb. Four days ago, Joe was medically sound and ready for physical rehab. As I type this, he is in the ER waiting for a room in the ICU. All due to negligence on the part of the rehab facility’s nurses (and the doctor who was following him there.) I cannot even get the words out. I am blaming myself for not calling 911 to get him out of there on Saturday afternoon. When I just knew something really was off.

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