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We are excited to bring you new Joe Frank content in the coming weeks!

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A newfound Joe Frank Pledge Drive from February 1996! A real treat – all new Joe Frank with no interruptions.

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Joe’s Live New York performance:  “Too Close to Home”
(audio only) A poignant autobiographical show produced and performed in 2011.

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More coming soon on Joe’s web site along with free selections on Soundcloud. Stay tuned.

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Valentines Day 2020


This Valentine’s Day enjoy 15% discount on everything*in the Joe Frank Shop.

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2019 Holiday


Please note: Tangible orders will not be fulfilled from November 18th through December 3rd.


Beginning December 5th, all tangible orders will be shipped USPS Priority for no extra charge through December 24th.

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Excellent for this season’s listening:

Joe Frank’s Selections for the Holidays (1 hour, 15 min)

Sure to put you and your family in the Thanksgiving mood is Joe Frank’s iconic segment from the show “Pilgrim.” Enjoy it on Soundcloud.

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Remembering Joe


In honor of Joe’s birthday, August 19th, for your review of any of Joe’s shows, we will give you a bumper sticker! From August 19th  through August 31st.  Be sure to e-mail us with your mailing address after you submit your review.
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August 19th through August 25th September 1st:

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It is hard to believe that he would have been 81 years old; Joe was so very young at heart and had the mental acuity of a 30-year-old.

We love you, Joe and we will never forget you.

Logan, for Joe Frank

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Joe Frank Newsletter – “The List”


Checking in to let you know how much we appreciate your support.

Joe and I had a lot on the list to accomplish in order to preserve and maintain his legacy.

I am determined to follow through with these projects – and it is with your ongoing support that they will be realized.  Thank you so much.

Here’s what we’re working on – both long- and short-term:

  • Better mobile streaming support through the use of podcasting apps.
  • Adding missing shows to the catalogue.
  • Producing more compilation and best of CD’s / Downloads.
  • Adding samples of each program to the site.
  • Adding more material on SoundCloud and YouTube.
  • Adding new products, merchandise, and video.
  • Expand the site to include more about Joe and his history with photos, interview clips, and personal audio and video clips.
  • Add press articles.
  • Complete transcripts for the shows.
  • Complete Joe’s book (which was nearly ready for publishing at the end of 2017).
  • Producing a public event celebrating Joe’s life (early next year).
  • As Joe wishes, we will be researching and establishing a place for people to come and listen to selected excerpts from his shows (possibly Hollywood Forever).
  • Writing a book called “My Joe Frank” sanctioned by Joe.
  • Ensuring that all of Joe’s shows are in the National Archives.
  • Setting up a Foundation in Joe’s name.

It is daunting but definitely doable. I’m very passionate about ensuring his work lives on. I am also humbled by the honor.

Joe would not have been able to produce as much as he did over the past 10 years without you. And I can attest that he worked every day. He fully appreciated being afforded the opportunity.

With the best wishes,


Joe Frank Newsletter – Launching the “Best of” and more


We have an exciting new compilation of Joe Frank monologues launching the “Best of” series.

The first is the “Best of Monologues – Vol 1” and you can hear one track, “Meaning” now on Joe’s SoundCloud page.

This CD is a representation of diverse selections from shows produced from 1996-2012 — sure to leave you thinking.  Plus, NEW: We’ve created a downloadable PDF with descriptions and source shows for your convenience. (Also included with the compilation download).

Plus, we’ve just found the Master tape of a Pledge Drive for The Other Side. It is the First weekend of the summer of 2000. (And, we’ve added descriptions for both shows!) Check them out: Pledge Drive August 6, 2000 and Pledge Drive August 13, 2000.

Both shows are available individually and as a 2-Pack.

And finally, we’ve uploaded the never before available show:
The Rare Recording a 30-minute show from 1980 produced for NPR.

We are hard at work to bring you more!

Be well,


New: Holiday Selections

Finished for the Holidays!

The “Joe Frank : Selections for the Holidays” is ready now for download – or you can purchase them all on CD.  Enjoy 11 selections and over an hour of excerpts focused on the holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s. One of them “Christmas in New York” is now streaming on Joe’s Soundcloud page.


If ordering any CDs or thumb drive – please order early! The last shipment from us will be on December 18th.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

Holiday 2018 Sale and Free Downloads


Holiday Day Sale:

From November 5th through January 1st, everything in the shop is offered with a 5% discount.  No code needed!
From December 1st through January 1st, we have increased the discount on everything in the shop to 10%. No code needed!

Please note:
Shipping for all physical orders (CDs, thumb drives, etc.) placed from Nov 15-29 will ship Nov 30th.

Free Holiday Show Downloads:
At the Dark End of the Bar (remix*):  Another classic Joe Frank:
In the course of one day, a teenager on vacation with his family in the Caribbean, has a series of erotic encounters: with a girl his age, an island prostitute, the mother of his best friend, and a businessman old enough to be his father. Ministers intone inspirational messages in Dial-A-Prayers. Joe’s surreal ramblings lead to a musical celebration of New Year’s Eve. *NOTE: This is the one-hour version. The 90-minute original contains extended music by The Joe Frank Band.

Coming soon:
Be sure to check the “News” page often.  We will be uploading new content over the next two months.

With warm wishes for a safe and peaceful holiday season,


September 29, 2018

Enjoy this article by Andrew Leland on the New York Review of Books online site. It’s a comprehensive look at Joe’s influence in storytelling on the radio. Includes rare audio and insight.

The Radio Auteur: Joe Frank, Ira Glass, and the Legacy of Narrative Radio

“Joe Frank’s legacy isn’t in his specific approach to storytelling, or his aesthetic, or even his use of music. It’s in his approach to radio itself, the sense of radio not as a medium of mass communication, a place for traffic reports and newscasts, but rather as a site for artistic expression as fertile as the canvas or page.”