Moving into the New Year!


It’s been a while. But that does not mean I haven’t been focused and hard at work with the Joe Frank projects I’ve mentioned in the past.* I realize these projects are taking years – but I believe the wait will be well worth it.

I had no idea how much material Joe accumulated which will yield such great content. (When I heard Barbra Streisand’s book took 10 years, I did not feel quite so bad!)

Today, we start the annual month-long sale. Enjoy everything in the shop at a 15% discount taken off during checkout. Note: Discount does not include Memberships.

Meanwhile, for a limited time, I’ve posted the Joe Frank classic Thanksgiving show “Pilgrim” for you to enjoy. I also will be uploading a few Christmas related stories. Bookmark Joe on Soundcloud!

I hope you have a peaceful and loving holiday season during these difficult times.

(the wife)

* If you would like a list of the works in progress, send an email with your request to: – or request it through our Contact page.

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Joe’s Birthday Discount + Update

August is always bittersweet. Wishing Joe were here on his birthday, but also grateful for August being the time I visit my daughter and her family. Joe’s birthday is on the 19th. He will have been 85 years old.

I’ll be out of town, but I wanted to share this photo of the last birthday he and close friends celebrated.

Joe on his 79th birthday

August 19, 2017. One month after his last cancer diagnosis. (My “helping” him blow out candles is completely unconscious.)

For anyone who does not know, it wasn’t the cancer that got him those 5-1/2 years ago. Joe was on
immunosuppressants for over a decade in order to protect his kidney transplant. As a result, Joe’s immune system just couldn’t stave off sepsis in the end. He did overcome it at one point, but ultimately there were too many other factors that paved the way for its return. His will to live was astonishing – memories of it still inspire me.

To celebrate Joe and his work, we’ll have a 15% discount for everything in the shop (*Does not apply for memberships). (Discount is in checkout)

Please do not mistake my absence on Joe’s Facebook page for not forging ahead with the projects I have shared with you in the past. These projects are ambitious endeavors! I am making progress, but cannot give an estimated launch date of, well, anything. (The book, the film, new programs, scans and digitizing.) But I am still working and ever grateful to be able to.

Thank you all for your continued support!


(The Wife)

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Happy Holidays

Wishing you and yours a magical holiday season.

As the year comes to a close, may we each be reminded of our humanity and to be kind to one another. Connection is what endures.

I thank you for continuing to support Joe and his legacy which includes my efforts to honor his life and work.

Tomorrow, I will be offline through and including January 2nd. I am looking forward to enjoying the company of family as well as quiet times to reflect on the many blessings I have in life. My heart is filled with gratitude.

May you and yours feel the warmth of love, hope and possibility through the holidays and throughout the coming year.

Remember that there will be new content coming online for Members on January 1st. Sign up today to enjoy what was added this month as well!

Thank you and be safe and well,

The Wife

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