New products and Update (6/15/2024)

June 15th, 2024


As most of you known by now, we rarely send out newsletters and only when we have a new product … or news to share. Here’s what is happening now:

“My Joe Frank”
Some of you know that I’ve been working on a book about the relationship Joe and I had together. I recall with vivid detail the time I asked Joe if I could write this book about him – should he pass before me.

We were on our way out of town with no work agenda, to enjoy probably the only vacation we ever had. Driving from Los Angeles to San Diego, with a luxury hotel discount at-the-ready, Joe was telling me a story. One that revealed Joe, the man. The human being behind that raspy, deep-throated, sexy guy on the radio.

I declared to him that people should be able to see him behind the curtain in the way I have. Could I write a book about him? I would call it “My Joe Frank.” He thought for a moment and simply said, “Yes.” Honestly, I was surprised, knowing Joe, that he assented. It was later, after he read the medical crowdfunding updates I was writing on his behalf in 2015-2016, that he expressed his confidence that I could, in fact, write it. Of course, with that, he bestowed a heavy responsibility, indeed.

I have long used journaling as a mechanism to disentangle life’s confusing moments. But I had no idea how much I have actually written over the years. I’ve been unearthing old diaries and journals – tucked away in boxes, on bookshelves, even one in a sock drawer – that I had forgotten about entirely. Organizing those, along with Joe’s personal notes, letters, observations and rants, has kept me busy when I had extra time. And now, I’m taking a bloc of time to focus entirely on this project.

From June 17 – July 24, I will be ensconced in a beautiful, distraction-free environment, well away from my own. I’m very excited about the opportunity, and definitely feel Joe’s hand in helping to move the book forward.

Please make a note that no physical orders will be filled during that time.

New products

Pledge Drives!

I’m excited to bring you two newly-uncovered Pledge Drives featuring Joe LIVE on air. Each one is an original monologue created specifically for the fund drives. I don’t think anything is repeated from the radio programs. (Although some portions I recognize from incorporation in to Joe’s live show scripts.)  Available now for Members and in the shop:

April 9, 1994: 43 min

July 1996: 1 hr 3 min

New Animation! For Members Only!

I’m so thrilled to present an animation* entitled “Hugging” by the very talented Adam Wells. You can also find him on Instagram

Created to accompany a selection from “Old Man,” this animation short is for Premium Members only. Not a Member? Sign up!

Thank you all for support!

Michal and Logan

*Created by permission.

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Moving into the New Year!


It’s been a while. But that does not mean I haven’t been focused and hard at work with the Joe Frank projects I’ve mentioned in the past.* I realize these projects are taking years – but I believe the wait will be well worth it.

I had no idea how much material Joe accumulated which will yield such great content. (When I heard Barbra Streisand’s book took 10 years, I did not feel quite so bad!)

Today, we start the annual month-long sale. Enjoy everything in the shop at a 15% discount taken off during checkout. Note: Discount does not include Memberships.

Meanwhile, for a limited time, I’ve posted the Joe Frank classic Thanksgiving show “Pilgrim” for you to enjoy. I also will be uploading a few Christmas related stories. Bookmark Joe on Soundcloud!

I hope you have a peaceful and loving holiday season during these difficult times.

(the wife)

* If you would like a list of the works in progress, send an email with your request to: – or request it through our Contact page.

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Joe’s Birthday Discount + Update

August is always bittersweet. Wishing Joe were here on his birthday, but also grateful for August being the time I visit my daughter and her family. Joe’s birthday is on the 19th. He will have been 85 years old.

I’ll be out of town, but I wanted to share this photo of the last birthday he and close friends celebrated.

Joe on his 79th birthday

August 19, 2017. One month after his last cancer diagnosis. (My “helping” him blow out candles is completely unconscious.)

For anyone who does not know, it wasn’t the cancer that got him those 5-1/2 years ago. Joe was on
immunosuppressants for over a decade in order to protect his kidney transplant. As a result, Joe’s immune system just couldn’t stave off sepsis in the end. He did overcome it at one point, but ultimately there were too many other factors that paved the way for its return. His will to live was astonishing – memories of it still inspire me.

To celebrate Joe and his work, we’ll have a 15% discount for everything in the shop (*Does not apply for memberships). (Discount is in checkout)

Please do not mistake my absence on Joe’s Facebook page for not forging ahead with the projects I have shared with you in the past. These projects are ambitious endeavors! I am making progress, but cannot give an estimated launch date of, well, anything. (The book, the film, new programs, scans and digitizing.) But I am still working and ever grateful to be able to.

Thank you all for your continued support!


(The Wife)

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