July 4th, 2020 – Independence Day Weekend Sale & Audiocassette Tapes!

We are hard at work successfully locating missing shows, creating new compilation CDs, and producing other Joe Frank related materials. Look for them to roll out in the coming months.

For now, we have a sale this weekend:
*Everything* in the shop is discounted by 10% (applied at checkout)


Newly discovered audiocassette tapes:
Yes, they’re old, but each of them have been tested and are in good condition. These are tapes that have been either recorded during airing of Joe’s shows, or left over from KCRW’s archives. And, delightfully, some of these tapes were recorded by Joe and bear his handwriting!

While they last you can purchase a show cassette for $5 to cover our costs.* However, a few of these tapes have *two* shows (both sides). They are ready to go at $8. Plus, we’re including a free bumper sticker with it!


Remember to follow Joe on Soundcloud and on Facebook:’s Facebook Page and Remembering Joe Frank. We often drop Joe Frank show excerpts, announcements of free giveaways only for Facebook followers, plus updates about Joe Frank projects.

There is a lot in the pipeline! Stay tuned!

Best to you and yours,


*(Limit one per customer.)