Nov 30, 2022

We’re putting the final touches on the Newsletter to be distributed soon.

Meantime, all of the new content scheduled for December is now online! In addition to what has been added to the shop (below), Members can enjoy some great, newly-digitized Joe Frank content. If you are not a Member, sign up now.

(Be sure to read the FAQs – all Memberships are recurring until cancelled. Sign up for  a month, immediately cancel, and enjoy the shows for the month.*)

In the shop – two new NPR Playhouse shows:

Bedtime Stories – 1984
Adventures Along the Spectrum – 1980

Thank you!

–the Wife

Order early for Christmas! Tangible orders (CDs, photos, thumb drives, etc) will be shipped up to and including December 20th. As always, we’ll upgrade shipping to USPS Priority between Dec 15 and Dec 20 – at no cost to you.

*If you have trouble cancelling or have questions about the Membership, we’re here to help. With over 20 years of excellent customer service, you can count on us.



Nov 28, 2022


Gearing up to launch the new Joe Frank content! Newsletter going out on Dec 3rd. We have enough new content to add for Members through June. Yes, that’s right. Each month we will be launching new material for listening and viewing for Members.

Plus, we have two new NPR Playhouse shows coming online December 3rd (or earlier): Bedtime Stories (1984), and Adventures Across the Spectrum (1980).

And now? I’ll be revisiting those longer-term projects.

The first project I’ll be dedicated to and see to its completion:
Joe Frank’s book of Facebook posts. In fact, there are two of them that are in a near-final state. Joe made all the selections and we worked together editing and arranging them. I look forward to the final edit and onto publishing!

–the Wife