Go Fund Me Legal Update

20 Feb 2022

It is against my nature to beg. But more important, against my nature to secure money for which I have made no effort. The effort I speak of is work – work that has value and is equal to my effort. That is that.

Today, I submitted the first Update to the Go Fund Me Legal campaign. It is mainly to clarify a few things. The most important being: I will reimburse you for any and all donations you make should (1) I prevail in this lawsuit. That the Court and Jury finds in my favor; and (2) That Defendants pay my legal fees as they should if I win.

That is a promise I can and will keep.

Meantime, because there are so many Joe Frank projects in the works and each at its own point of completion, I am starting a Blog on Joe’s site to keep you up to date on those projects. Coming soon.

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Please stay safe, healthy, and be kind during these difficult times.
(The Wife)


Feb 2022 – what’s happening

I have been agonizing over this. And that is no hyperbole. It took over a year for me to realize that I had no other recourse. I need to ask, once again, for your help.

Complete details are at the link. Thank you, again, for supporting and protecting Joe’s legacy.

Stay safe and healthy,

Joe Frank Legal Fund