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Joe returned to KCRW with new stories for the series Unfictional, produced by Bob Carlson.

Listen, download and enjoy these shows at the links below – The most recent program is listed first. And be sure to “like” KCRW’s Unfictional on Facebook along with Joe’s Fan Page.

Joe Frank: Downfall[Download]
Oct 16, 2015
Created in adversity, against all odds, and finished yesterday in the ICU of a major hospital. Downfall from Joe Frank consists of the interview of a mayor facing charges of incompetence and corruption, interspersed with contemplative conversations and dreamlike events… which is to say that Downfall is a comic program of dubious value, limited merit, debatable and problematic. In lieu of flowers please bathe more frequently.

Joe Frank: The Poor are Always with Us[Download]
May 29, 2015
How can one maintain a sense of meaning and faith in a world of natural catastrophe, cruelty and moral failure? The Poor Are Always with Us fails to answer this question in its own unique way.

Joe Frank: Sunken Ship[Download]
Oct 24, 2014
A man’s experiences with women, beginning with his mother, create misery for everyone.

Joe Frank: Isolation[Download]
April 1, 2014
A lost man rides the underground in search of companionship, and therapy leads to unexpected places. Isolation is a Joe Frank show created in collaboration with Julian Barratt and Julia Davis.
The song “Isolation” was composed and sung by Julian Barratt.

Joe Frank: A Life Well Lived[Download]
October 4, 2013
A program about personal fragmentation and the hardships of love. With Joe Frank and Ryan Cutrona.

Joe Frank: Reality Check[Download]
June 21, 2013
What is reality? What is the meaning of life? Evil, madness, suffering and death are explored in this delightfully whimsical program by Joe Frank. Reality Check addresses the most vexing questions concerning the human condition in a resigned, yet high-spirited way that will leave listeners heartened and uplifted. This program is for philosophically inclined audiences only.

Joe Frank: A Hollywood True Story[Download]
March 29, 2013
In an attempt to advance his career in Hollywood, a screenwriter finds himself implausibly in Auschwitz. As his film project — which has nothing to do with the infamous death camp — implodes, the screenwriter sees his life unraveling on a revolving road to nowhere.

Joe Frank: A Conversation[Download]
Jan 25, 2013
Let yourself get drawn into this surreal, disturbing and and hilarious discussion. It’s an examination of race, religion, sex and more that walks a fine line between fiction and reality. With Joe Frank and David Cross. (NOTE: This program contains content that may not be appropriate for children.)

Joe Frank: Old Man[Download]
Nov 9, 2012
Old Man is a comic take on the trials of being old and facing death. A light-hearted and whimsical show (as Joe has described it), Old Man looks into the harrowing and absurd future we all must face.

Joe Frank: Thief[Download]
Sept 9, 2012
On this episode, multiple thefts lead to paranoia in a suburban family, love dies and the crime rate goes up.

Joe Frank: Dreamers[Download]
July 20, 2012
Dreamers is a contemplation of time and mortality. It includes stories about a family’s tragic visit to Palestine and a man who attends a dinner party after learning he might be dying.

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