Joe’s Library


Joe was an avid reader who gained insight and inspiration from his books. They became an important foundation for his own work. He treasured his books, but he did not treat them as too precious to use. He generously underscored and highlighted passages. He often listed topics on the back inside cover with page references for easy referral. There are also phone numbers, fragmented sentences and more.

Some books are covered in marginalia. In a few, Joe would even edit passages. Most of his books have been in his personal library since he originally purchased them – they range in date published from the 1950s to the 1990s.

Now, you can own a book or two of Joe’s, and perhaps get a glimpse into his thought processes and perspective regarding a wide array of subjects.

Please NOTE: All sales of Joe’s personal library are Final.
Thank you.

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All of the books listed have been SOLD OUT!!

Thank you so much – your continued support is what allows me to not only keep Joe’s legacy alive, but to research and uncover so much that Joe left behind. Materials no one has seen. I am working hard to make sure you are able to see or listen to it as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, there are a couple more boxes of Joe’s books that I will prepare for sale. They will likely be available early 2023.